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We all realise that a good risk assessment will be the foundation of ultimate control which must include the control scheme and schematics, but without background knowledge, this becomes useless to most who read it. It is for that reason and to understand what we have to do in the control of Legionella that training is so important.

For many years I have found, without fail, that if individuals are trained in the correct way, cooperation in carrying out control measures are enhanced by over 90%, thus achieving good control. This means as shown in the ACoP L8, all those involved in Legionella Control (from the Flushing Person right up to the Responsible Person) MUST be trained. I have found myself training Health and Safety Inspectors, Environmental Health Inspectors, Registration Officers and even my own Doctor! It must never be taken for granted that we all know all of the subject of Legionella especially those in higher authority. I myself continue on a daily basis to learn more as time does not stand still and our thirst for more knowledge is relentless. This is why we should all continually feed from each other, attending seminars and partake in refresher training which is so important.

My training can be suited to your needs at a price that is affordable and will save money in the long term. The courses are supported with certification and refer to an assessment with a refresher date of three years. For more info whether you are a one to one , group requiring training or want to join on with our regular sessions here in the South West of England call me for prices and availability.


I am also a registered trainer for City & Guilds through Immerse Training Ltd and an accredited trainer for Highfield  Training through ROCK Compliance.


Next WHT 3 Course available on demand. You need training? Call now 07771 560980 or email me 

                                                       TRAINING THATS FUN AND INFORMATIVE



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