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Electronic Hot & Cold Water  Monitoring

  1. Use of Electronic Tech to monitor systems 24/7

  2. Data securely and transmitted

  3. Alleviates the need for monthly site visits reducing labour and transport costs

  4. Centralised management of water system compliance data through bespoke legionella manager platform

  5. Enables a proactive management system without human interference

  6. Improves sustainability and adds value

  7. Exceeds Legislation and Guidance standards without breaking the bank


What will electronic monitoring mean for you?

Reduction - Energy - Water - Human Intervention 

Peace of mind, digitally delivered for your people, planet and profit.

Contact Simon French for a more in depth conversation on how to achieve all this

Mob : 07771 560 980


Reduce Water Usage and Waste

Being Climate Smart and reducing energy waste makes perfect business sense as it saves money, enhances corporate reputation and most importantly it helps everyone combat climate change.

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