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 About Simon French

Simon French

I sold my business (having conceived it in 1988) Environment Plus (UK) Ltd in 2007 to a PLC Company which allowed me to be able to consult as WHT Ltd (Founded in 2003) to all businesses requiring help, and most of all give guidance to all those who have a responsibility to control Legionella as an Independent.

It became evident that training was a crucial element on the back of many Legionella related incidents in 2001/2, which was highlighted by the Barrow incident, as well as the death of a part time cleaner on one of the company's sites caused simply from filling a bucket. In both cases, training the responsible persons would have clearly prevented this.

During this time I became a member of the LCA committee and helped write standards for risk assessing and consulted to BESCA (formally the HVCA). 2010 events gave me the opportunity to start another business in the same field helping my sons to progress in this field of work and in 2019 I sold my interests to semi-retire back to WHT Ltd to Consulting once again.



I provide you with consultancy in providing written schemes, advice on monitoring procedures, auditing clients paperwork and monitoring procedures, and most importantly first class expert training for Legionella control.


This includes training  for risk assessments, logbook keeping and monitoring, disinfection works and procedures, water sampling procedures, TMV servicing procedures, responsible persons course and all water related City & Guild courses through Immerse Training Ltd.

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