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Reduce Your Energy Costs

NECON Technology to the future of bacterial protection. Reduce your hot  water delivery to 45°C and save the planet and your running costs and have total control of Legionella and other water born bacteria. If you have the ability to reduce your storage of hot water to 45°C and use silver copper ionisation (CSI) this may achieve upto 33% saving on fuel bills and have total control on both hot and cold water. Consider removal of blending/TMV valves further reducing ongoing maintenance or a further option is to introduce centralised blending with a Horne 40-50 Thermostatic Mixing System maintaining 60°C storage where storage is still required maintaining hot water supplies but still with removal of all other blending/TMV valves.

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HSE Approval 

Fully approved by the HSE in the UK for use of biocidal control using silver and copper in buildings water systems. Operational  in EU countries Spain, Dubai, USA, Ireland and many installs since 2008 in UK.


NHS Secondary Protection 

For many years used in Hospitals throughout the UK to control Legionella and now also Pseudomonas Aeruginosa in both hot & cold supplies. 


Unique Dispersal Control

Positive copper and silver particles attracted to negatively charged bacteria  destroying biofilm and bacteria alike with total proportional control.


Industry Attractive

Office accommodation with leisure facilities enjoying full compliance.

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Long Term Success

Long history of success in healthcare, hospitality in hotels and flats, Protecting sheltered housing, centralised heating systems to assisted living, food preparation/packaging and many more throughout the world.

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European Coverage

Government office throughout European  buildings enjoy the protection of this excellent form of control.

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