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SCALE - Costs You Money

Due to the fact that around 60% of the mains water supplied in the UK is classified as ‘hard’, limescale build up on heat transfer surfaces, internal pipework surfaces and other components create costly and unhygienic problems. Limescale deposits reduce the efficiency of water-heating appliances and systems, increasing running costs and can harbour bacteria on outlets.

British Water calculates that every 1.6mm or 1/16” of scale in a heating system causes a 12% loss in heating efficiency.

The Carbon Trust also found: “A 1mm layer of limescale will cause a 7% increase in energy input to the boiler to meet the same heat demand”

Further to this 12mm coating on your primary heating coil destroys 70% of your efficiency (that's hot water destroyed) so only 30% of your bill is worth anything. Not to mention the fantastic haven for the legionella to hide, nest and protect its self within your water system.

Scale is something that is commonly tolerated due to the fact  it is out of sight therefore its out of mind and forgotten until it is to late,  it can be very damaging over time to the fittings and fixtures of the water systems and is likely over time to corrode your copper pipework creating pin holes.

Legionella Control = Keep Clean and keep the water moving

This is why calcium deposits are so damaging to your water systems. Cleanliness is the Key but 60% of your control measures is water movement

How often does it need servicing?

Never, the unit is self-cleaning. You just need to change the unit every 7 years. The old unit is sent off for reconditioning so there is normally a discount for the replacement unit.

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